Too Much and Never Enough

Too Much and Never Enough

How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man

Book - 2020
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Oct 29, 2020


Oct 22, 2020

The author of this book, Mary Trump is certainly qualified to write it. She has a PhD in Psychology and is also the niece of President Trump. Having said that, does she do justification to the sub title, "How my family created the world's most dangerous man?" I don't think so. Mary outlines the dysfunctional nature of her father's family and how it might have helped Donald Trump become the narcissistic sociopath that he is. But for the most part the book deals with how badly her father was treated by her grandfather and later by how she, her brother, and her mother, were disinherited. In doing so she loses her credibility as a Donald Trump biographer and instead appears to be making a case for herself. She could have done a much better job.

Oct 22, 2020

excellent book; well written; Donald's life would make a good horror movie given his childhood and the children he has ripped away from their parents permanently and all the people who've died because of his handling of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

Oct 21, 2020

To understand Trump you’ve got to understand the little boy trying to desperately trying to the significant elders in his disfunctional family. His upbringing was what programmed him to become this empty shell of an egotistical, narcissistic homuncle. Mary Trump writes with a well honed scalpel flaying out the history of the Donald before we even knew him. For those of us who have nurtured a sharp aversion for this man, the book will validate our worst and darkest fears as we read this book with a kind of veritable glee.
Mary Trump’s book is one you won’t be able to put down, especially if you have no more stomach for the Donald. But then that’s why your gonna be reading this book. Right?

Oct 20, 2020

FASCINATING! Really explains a lot. Understanding Trump was somehow, comforting.

Oct 18, 2020

If this book had been written by a fiction author, changing names, it would read as a horror novel or a psychological thriller. But instead it is written by a psychologist who makes it easier to understand various psychological issues plaguing the first family. We get a microscopic view into generational abuse, relationships, and toxicity.

Oct 15, 2020

Interesting read....what a disaster of what the term “family“ should be...greed beyond words...I think Mary is smart to be shot of them all as they don’t have a fibre of compassion and empathy in them...Tax avoiding jerks..all of them...meanwhile the poor and middle class pay their fare share of taxes...Best thing to happen to the USA is to dump Trump...otherwise they will continue to wreak havoc on the world. Donald didn’t have much of a chance because of his parents deserting him at a young age..but he should be able to act like an adult now instead of a bullying school kid...I am happy that someone stood up to him, more people should! great job Mary!!

Oct 15, 2020

This book is a window into a family that is both more wealthy and more dysfunctional than most of us can comprehend. The thing I found most interesting when reading this is how desperately Mary Trump wanted the approval and love of her seriously effed up family even after years of horrible, abusive treatment. She was often the butt of the joke and yet she still accepted invitations to family functions long after she had the power to decline. To keep seeking their attention with the hopes that maybe this time things will be different speaks to the power her grandfather had over the family, even long after his death.

This book isn't as much about Trump himself as it is about how his father treated everyone in the family and how it shaped each of their lives. It contains more background into her own father's life than it does Donald's, who seems to be able to keep most people at arms length until they prove to be of some use to him. His inability to express basic human decency isn't unknown to anyone. What you see is what you get. There aren't any revelations in this book, just solid confirmation that he is indeed as driven by money as he is lacking in any form of empathy. The fact that he was able to ascend to the presidency knowing even a small percentage of the truth (which was readily available for decades) is astounding but unfortunately not surprising given how desperately some cling to the myth that was created and somehow manages to flourish.

"This is the end result of Donald's having continually been given a pass and been rewarded not just for his failures but for his transgressions - against tradition, against decency, against the law, and against fellow human beings. "

The Emperor isn't naked. He's wearing a blindfold, noise-cancelling earphones, and has a loaded gun in each hand, which he is waving about with no concern for anyone but himself.

Oct 14, 2020

A very insightful book and quick read presented by a psychologist able to illuminate critical childhood events and their impact on adult behaviors. Mary Trump delivers on her promise to show why her uncle, President Donald Trump, is the most dangerous man in the world and how his family dynamic shaped his aberrant behavior. A must read for those wondering why some consider him so dangerous and why he can only get more dangerous as he solidifies his control.

Oct 14, 2020

It’s a story of unfulfilled dreams and the damage parents can do to their children when they don’t love them. The damage done to Freddy was to contribute to his death I think; and the damage done to Don is now causing much damage to many people.

Highly recommended.

Oct 07, 2020

UGH a despicable family and a despicable, horrible, cheat of a man. ONLY Russian interference could have gotten him elected. And we suffer the consequences. As someone who commented for the Washington Post and which I agree "no one except a completely stupid and immoral person could re-elect this orange turd". Despicable. Despicable. Despicable.

Oct 02, 2020

I wish the book would have been written more chronologically. At times, it is difficult to jump the time periods in the book and this creates some confusion. A family tree with all the names (nicknames) involved would also have been helpful in understanding the relationships.

The best parts of the book are when Mary Trump writes about her father and grandmother, done with conviction. Other parts must be taken with the understanding that while she is an educated observer, this is her opinion.

She perpetuates the truth that all families have skeletons and shameful backgrounds, but most of us are lucky to also have love to conquer those obstacles.

Sep 15, 2020

A very good and interesting read. Mary doesn't hesitate to psychoanalyze all the Trumps, and her analysis seems consistent with the facts I already knew and those presented in the book. What's interesting is how greed, selfishness, narcissism and privileged attitude have been handed down from grandfather to father to Trump and even permeate the children of Trump's immediate family including nieces and nephews. Trump's sister Maryanne, the former federal judge, and his brother Robert are just as greedy and ruthless as he is. This book is 200 pages and can be easily read in two days.

Sep 11, 2020

I think Mary Trump has taken us deep into the dysfunction of an American family growing up in the 1950's eastern US. If you take the Trump name out of the equation the book's account of this family would hold it's own. It may be more interesting being written about our current president, however. Many of the faults and abnormalities, to some degree, reflect the past generations and the dire affects they can have on the present. The Trump family seems to be on the high end of abnormal nevertheless.

PimaLib_NormS Sep 11, 2020

Is it possible to comment on Mary Trump’s book, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man” without taking a political side? Ah . . . probably not. Pan it, and you are a dumb, know-nothing member of the President’s cult. Praise it, and you are a filthy, America-hating liberal who will never give this President a fair chance. It doesn’t seem as if there is any middle ground. And, it is doubtful that this book will do much to move the political needle. Sides have already been chosen, for the most part. So, then what was the point in airing the Trump family’s dirty laundry? Does Mary Trump have an ax to grind? Possibly. Years ago, she and her brother were omitted from their grandfather’s will, which resulted in them suing their aunts and uncles, including the future president. There is bad blood in that family, no doubt. However, that does not prove her book is a worthless, vengeful screed, full of lies and half-baked theories. Everything she writes in the book could be the absolute truth. Motive to lie is not proof of lying. Mary Trump has a unique, long-term perspective on her uncle, the current occupant of the White House. She decided to share her truth with the world. It is up to the reader of “Too Much and Never Enough” to decide what to make of Mary Trump’s truth.

Sep 09, 2020

Very informative and well written!

Sep 08, 2020

E pluribus unum: "Out of many, one," is a Latin phrase America's forefathers chose to describe their vision for the nascent nation. Out of many states, people and beliefs, rises one unified Republic. That single phrase possesses our forefathers' dreams, intellect, and higher mind toward governance. It puts no one person ahead of another, seeking as close to perfection as one can hope for in a union as diverse as ours. Then along came Donald.

2020 saw several court battles over books featuring the Trump administration's missteps, and personal battles. One such title was THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENED: A WHITE HOUSE MEMOIR (Simon & Schuster, $32.50) by former national security adviser John Bolton. Releasing it to a public hungry for insight into a president whose actions left many perplexed, it sold upwards of 750,000 copies its first week alone. Mary L. Trump, PhD, the president's niece, blew those numbers away in July with the release of her book TOO MUCH AND NEVER ENOUGH: HOW MY FAMILY CREATED THE WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS MAN (Simon & Schuster, $28.00), selling over a million copies its first day. Love him or hate him, the American public, it seemed, couldn't get enough of Trump.

Born the fourth child of five to Fred and Mary Trump in 1945, Donald Jonathan Trump did not have a normal start to life. When he was still a toddler, his mother fell ill and was never able to provide the nurturing child psychologists say is crucial for healthy development at that age. His father, already a baron of sorts through his company Trump Management, didn't see the need - or have the time - to fill the void left by Mary. From a very early age, the author claims, Donald was left to figure out life on his own.

Fred Trump ran his household on the principles laid down by Norman Vincent Peale in THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING (Simon & Schuster, $8.00), the international bestseller and precursor to the so-called prosperity gospel. It states, "[O]bstacles are simply not permitted to destroy your happiness and well-being. You need be defeated only when you are willing to be." Positivity is all well and good, but applying Peale's philosophy as a foundation of child-rearing? A philosophy that places blame squarely on the shoulders of the struggling; well, that's just messed up. As a result, Fred created an atmosphere of "learned helplessness," in which his children are dependent on the Master (in this case, Fred) for their most basic needs, contingent on his approval. The metrics of learned helplessness run in exact opposition to those of unconditional love.

Mary paints a picture of her grandfather void of affection. His approach to life seems to mirror what we know about President Trump: winning is everything, and winner takes all. He recognized Donald's flash and personality - qualities Fred lacked - and understood he could use them for financial gain.

"Fred didn't groom Donald to succeed him; when he was in his right mind, he wouldn't trust Trump Management to anybody. Instead, he used Donald, despite his failures and poor judgment, as the public face of his own thwarted ambition. Fred kept propping up Donald's false sense of accomplishment until the only asset Donald had was the ease with which he could be duped by more powerful men."

As a family history, TOO MUCH is a tragedy. It portrays a family which values wealth above each other. A family based on transactions, requiring proof of value from one another, endlessly pitted against each other by the family patriarch. Mary, being a professional in the field of mental health, excuses her uncle's petulance with TOO MUCH, whether intentionally or not. Mired in dysfunction, how else was he supposed to turn out?

As a political expose, TOO MUCH is a provocative warning. Regardless of wealth and fame, it's important to know what you're electing. Our forefathers adopted the Latin phrase, E pluribus unum: Out of many, one. I can only imagine what Donald Trump thinks that means.

Sep 08, 2020

The book is only 200 pages and half of it is about the author's father and most of the rest about Donald Trump can be found in other biographies. The only useful and detailed psychological profile of Donald Trump is found in the PROLOGUE of the book. Do not buy it, it is much overpriced.

Sep 04, 2020

This book is only 200 pages, I read it in 24 hours. The author gives a description of this family and all it's dysfunctions without inserting her opinions for the most part until the last chapter.
Fred Sr. was a sociopath, Donald is a narcissist and sociopath, Donald jr is a sociopath. Is this nature or nurture? No one would have a chance to be normal growing up in that family but Donald alone learned behaviors that would be rewarded by his father(lying, cheating, bragging, bullying, etc). He could have taken the millions and millions of dollars his father gave him and been a good corporate citizen. Instead he stole from the government, learned to sue anyone who crossed him, tried to cheat his siblings out of their inheritance, cut off health insurance to his brother's kids who had a dire need for it, you get the picture.
Now, 40% of our citizens think he is "the chosen one", very scarey.

Sep 03, 2020

Incisive and illuminating look at the early dark forces, especially and most specifically his father Fred, that created the Donald Trump we know today. Author Mary L Trump, his niece and a clinical psychologist, offers a unique insider's view of Trump and much of his strange journey toward 2016 and, perhaps, beyond. She has an appealingly forthright conversational style that immediately pulls you in.

Reading "Too Much and Never Enough" (an apt title), it is possible to feel truly sorry for the frightened, emotionally abandoned and abused child Donald once was and still despise the cruel and foolish man he has become.


Sep 02, 2020

Not as Title described:
I would have NEVER ordered this book if I had watched the Writer on YouTube describing her book:
Recently Watching YouTube interviewing Mary L Trump speaking about her recent book that she titled: (too much and never enough: how my family created the world’s most dangerous man) All her talking describing this book is about personal family matter and has actually nothing about politic!! So why Label Donald Trump (the most dangerous man in the world) and Title her book about Donald Trump is (the most dangerous man in the world) when nothing in the book politically justifies him as (The most dangerous man in the world)?!! Unless Mary L. Trump intended to give this book a -TITLE- that increases the sell of the book; Attracts fear and curiosity of buyers to order this book!! Trickery Title and sell of this book. I will send it back to Amazon, wouldn’t have paid one penny for this book

Aug 30, 2020

TOO MUCH AND NEVER ENOUGH, written by Mary Trump, Donald Trump’s niece, offers an insider’s look at life growing up inside the Trump family, a family that puts the dys- in dysfunctional. As a trained clinical psychologist, Mary analyzes the dynamics within the family and postulates how they shaped the personality and character of the future president. I found it interesting, depressing, and it explained a lot.

Aug 29, 2020

It's clear that Mary has a lot of rage towards her family and that she is incapable of writing an insightful and factual book. This is loaded with inflammatory language that undermines her credibility. Concentration camps? kidnapping at the border? It's clear that her political persuasions trump any ability to stick to the truth (sorry, I couldn't resist the pun) and makes the whole book a clearly slanted vengeful rant. I hope you feel better Mary. Now please go talk to your therapist.

Aug 26, 2020

This book is not that interesting nor insightful.
I was shocked to read in the epilogue this following sentence.
[ I can only imagine that Donald wishes it had been his knee on Floyd's neck. ]

Aug 26, 2020

Compilation of facts and stories and rumors that have been known from mass-media. I've got a feeling that the major reason this book was written is for financial gains only.

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