I am obsessed with this case and am greedily searching for all materials on the case. I really wanted to love this book, but I didn't. I hoped it would give more insight to the case, but the case was only a small portion at the end of the book.

The writing is not stellar, and there were points throughout the book in which I felt like the writing did not sound like his own. I wonder if perhaps his wife Lorri wrote some parts...?

My heart is saddened for Mr. Echols, and I am horrified by the suffering he faced during the time he spent in jail. I wish I could wave a magic (not magick) wand and make it all better for him. Being sent to prison at 18 surely hardened his heart and may have kept him from maturing. I was disappointed that he chose to describe so many people as sexless lumps with bad skin. Attacking people based on appearance is low brow. He could have done more to describe his disappointment in certain people without resorting to insulting people's appearance. I would respect his critiques more if he had not chosen to be so low brow.

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