Well... I am actually almost finished this book, but as I read the pages, I felt "something" wasn't sitting well in my spirit. The author is a Christian woman who loves the Lord, I am absolutely certain of that. However - it's just so strange to be reading this book as if it is intended to be fact, when of course it is FICTION. Outside of the Biblical Scripture interspersed within, it is made up. I admit that it took me a few chapters to "get that". I just finished the chapter called "James" (Jesus' brother) and the fact that the author said Jesus TOLD his mother and brothers to go away - that He couldn't speak to them as He was busy - just was the last straw (Matthew 12:45-50). The Bible does not say that AT ALL! It doesn't say anything about that; it ends with a question and an answer from Jesus, not the statement to "Go away because I am busy.".

We need to be careful about what we let into our spirit. IF something does not sit well with you, it could be Holy Spirit's prompting you, gently convicting you that it is not right, not Godly, not holy, and/or not true.

I just wanted to let others know. I will not be finishing this book. Thanks for reading my comment.

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