Watched this on Netflix before they removed it. Must have watched this several times. There are hidden gems of folklore and urban legend that is put together in an fun space western. If you look deeper into the movie, and do some video surfing online, you are probably going to find deeper meanings within the movie itself.
For example:
1) Amnesia - lapses of memory - sounds like abduction phenomenon.
2) Cattle destroyed at beginning of movie -- Cattle mutilation.
3) Gold extracted to power space-craft -- viewed some video something like that happening, probably an episode from Ancient Aliens
4) The strange lady chasing Craig character -- alien hybrid
5) Experiments done on people, going in holes underground -- Area 52 or urban legend of where missing people/abductees go.
6) Western and UFO -- The Aurora UFO crash.
7) People mesmorised staring into some white ball of light. -- have to check on that, but think there could be something there too.

This is what is fascinating to me about the movie. It's like a fun western movie that's loaded with all sorts of information that if you did some digging, that some aspects of the story line seem like it's based on actual things that may have been documented to happen.

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