I give this movie a 5 out of five. This is simply just the cutest movie I have watched. I, as a child, used to be afraid to watch this movie but as lately I was bored and wanted to watch a movie that I haven't seen in a while and came across warm bodies, and I liked it and found it cute. I love the moral of this story that even if you are different you can still love. The acting in this movie is amazing, I feel as though this movie needs to be recognized more. Now I know that this movie is based on a novel, my review is against me not reading the book. In my other review where I read a book and watched the movies found that the book was worse, and I feel like I found a movie that is better than the actual book. I love the setting of this movie that it is futuristic, and I always fall in love with movies that are in the future it makes my imagination go wild on what will happen in the future. The storyline is so charming, and if you have read my other review you will know that love stories are my favorite, but lately, they have been taken over by horror movies. I recommend this movie to any hopeless romantics out there, or for someone just wanting to watch something new for the first time.
@Icecream of The Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

Warm bodies is one of my favourite movies, it’s a action, drama, little bit of romance and thriller movie. If you like all those types of movies and like movies with those combined then Warm Bodies would be perfect for you to watch! I enjoyed this movie a lot because it had romance and zombies and drama and action! It was very amusing and cool! I recommend everyone, any age group to check out this movie! 5/5 Stars.
@SunshineLove of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

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