Warm Bodies was, without question, one of those infuriating "zombie-turned-love-story" movies that only excelled in earning my complete contempt for it and all of its utter preposterousness.

If you ask me - Warm Bodies was so brain-dead and moronic (on all counts) that it only ended up completely disgracing the movie sub-genre of zombies like no other picture I've ever seen before, or since.

And, as far as zombie movies go - Warm Bodies contained so many glaring flaws and equally cringe-worthy moments that, at this point, I don't know where the heck to start voicing and venting my total disgust for this reeking heap of idiotic asininity.

So, in conclusion - I will bring my angry commentary to its abrupt end by simply saying that I sure hope that this sort of "zombie-turned-love-story" movie isn't going to become the latest trend.

Sheesh! Spare me that ultimate torture!

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