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Paws of Courage
True Tales of Heroic Dogs That Protect and Serve
Book - 2016
Search-and-rescue Animals
Book - 2020
Top Dogs
True Stories of Canines That Made History
Book - 2017
Puppy Love
True Stories of Doggie Devotion
Book - 2014
Poop Detectives
Working Dogs in the Field
Book - 2016
Bunny the Brave War Horse
Based on A True Story
Book - 2014
The True Story of A Mutt, A Marine & A Miracle
Book - 2009
Finding Winnie
The True Story of the World's Most Famous Bear
Book - 2015
[a True Story of Loyalty in World War I]
Book - 2015
Stubby the War Dog
The True Story of World War I 's Bravest Dog
Book - 2014
Helen Keller's Best Friend Belle
Book - 2013
Little Dog Lost
The True Story of A Brave Dog Named Baltic
Book - 2012
Conversations With A Signing Gorilla
Book - 1999
Step Right up
How Doc and Jim Key Taught the World About Kindness
Book - 2016
Hero Dog of WWI : A True Story
Book - 2014
Fly, Cher Ami, Fly!
The Pigeon Who Saved the Lost Battalion
Book - 2008
War Dogs
[Churchill & Rufus]
Book - 2013
Tuesday Tucks Me in
The Loyal Bond Between A Soldier and His Service Dog
Book - 2014
Hachiko Waits
Book - 2004
Dadblamed Union Army Cow
Book - 2007
The Donkey of Gallipoli
A True Story of Courage in World War I
Book - 2008
A Journey of Love
Book - 2017
Animals Helping After Disasters
Book - 2015
Our Most Loyal Dog
Book - 2006
Animals Helping at Home
Book - 2015
1-25 of 29 items
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