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IndyPL_BethP made a comment Jun 01 2021
"Mitchell loves knocking things down. So, the logical place for him is.....the bowling alley! Mitchell and his dad arrive, and get down to playing. However, although he loves knocking things down, Mitchell is not quite as good as Dad. Finding f..." Permalink
IndyPL_BethP rated a title Jun 01 2021
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IndyPL_BethP created a list Jun 01 2021
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Natural Disaster Fiction

"For kids who like stories involving natural disasters! #indyplkids"
IndyPL_BethP created a list May 19 2021
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Ebooks of Adventure!

"Electronic books based on fantasy and adventure. #indypladults"
IndyPL_BethP made a comment May 02 2021
"A great book, about a young girl with what she considers a minor talent. Mona, a 14 year old baker, can make perfect bread, and also make gingerbread men dance. However, dark times come to her city of Riverbraid, and no one seems to be able to s..." Permalink
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