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SFPL_danielay made a comment Jun 13 2019
"A fun summer read. If you liked Lisa Lutz's Spellman Files you might enjoy this. Now I kind of with there really was a school for magicians in Sunol." Permalink
SFPL_danielay made a comment Jun 11 2019
"What a book! It took me to places I will never visit and did so in such an erudite and poetic way that I feel privileged to have read it." Permalink
SFPL_danielay created a list Jun 04 2019
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Popular LGBTQIA eBooks

"Some popular titles for Pride Month available from SFPL on our Axis eBook platform. Just download the app, check out the book and read!"
SFPL_danielay created a list May 23 2019
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Bill Gates Summer Book Recommendations 2019

"Every year Bill Gates publishes a list of his reading recommendations for the summer. Here is what he recommends this year. Download them now on Axis!"
SFPL_danielay made a comment Mar 06 2019
"Jeff VanderMeer creates an engrossing post-apocalyptic world filled with abandoned biotech and different factions of survivors scavenging for a living in a destroyed city policed by a magician and a giant flying bear. If this sounds weird, it is a..." Permalink
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