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1619. The British colony of Jamestown, Virginia is shaken up when the first women in twelve years land in this breathtaking wilderness. While love triangles, bitter rivalries, and fierce competition cause conflict for the residents and the native...
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Aug 03 2020
"Normally, I avoid all Sean Penn movies. However, since the first thing I would buy if I won the lottery is the complete, unabridged OED, I had to watch this. It was sell written, had great wardrobe, and looked at both the corruption in the higher..." Permalink
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The Hunt

DVD - 2020
"A tongue in cheek movie about the self righteous liberals choosing some deplorable conservatives for a hunt. Why: over a liberal social media post that went nuclear, getting the liberals ostracized. The fuming liberals decide to make the conservat..." Permalink
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Legal Eagles

DVD - 2003
A hard-nosed assistant district attorney and an imaginative defense attorney combine their talents to defend a spacey "performance artist" who is accused of theft and murder.
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