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Policing in AmericaHarris, DuchessBookTEEN 363.2 HAR
The Killing of George FloydHarris, DuchessBookTEEN 363.232 HAR
The Indian Removal Act and the Trail of TearsHarris, DuchessBookJ 970.3 HAR
John LewisCivil Rights Leader and CongressmanHarris, DuchessBookJ B Lewis, John HAR
Fannie Lou HamerCivil Rights ActivistHarris, DuchessBookJ B Hamer, Fannie Lou HAR
Japanese American Imprisonment During World War IIHarris, DuchessBookJ 940.5317 HAR
The Harlem RenaissanceHarris, DuchessBookJ 700.8996 HAR
How Slaves Built AmericaHarris, DuchessBookJ 306.362 HAR
The Impact of Slavery in AmericaHarris, DuchessBookJ 305.896 HAR
The Impact of Black Churches on the Civil Rights MovementHarris, DuchessBookJ 323.1196 HAR
Ida WellsJournalist and ActivistHarris, DuchessBookjB Wells-Barnett, I.B. HAR
The Chinese Exclusion Act and Its Relevance TodayHarris, DuchessBookJ 305.8951 HAR
Daisy Bates and the Little Rock NineHarris, DuchessBookJ B Bates, Daisy HAR
Barack Obama Is Elected PresidentHarris, DuchessBookjB Obama, Barack HAR
Women's SuffrageHarris, DuchessBookj324.623 HAR
Black Feminist Politics From Kennedy to ObamaHarris, DuchessBook305.48896 HAR
Employment, Race, and the LawHarris, DuchessBookSHARED SYSTEM
March Fong EuActivist and PoliticianHarris, DuchessBookJ B Eu, March HAR
The 1924 Immigration Act and Its Relevance TodayHarris, DuchessBookJ 325.273 HAR
Ida WellsJournalist and ActivistHarris, DuchesseBookEBOOK OVERDRIVE
Dennis Banks and Russell MeansNative American ActivistsHarris, DuchessBookJ 970.1 HAR
Growing up LGBTQHarris, DuchessBookj306.76 HAR
Booker T. WashingtonLeader and EducatorHarris, DuchessBookjB Washington, B.T. HAR
Carol Moseley BraunPolitician and LeaderHarris, DuchessBookjB Moseley-Braun, Carol HAR
Aretha FranklinLegendary SingerHarris, DuchessBookJ B Franklin, Aretha HAR
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